Constantly Risking Absurdity
Saturday, March 26, 2005
Vanity of Vanities, All Is Vanity! Or, Who I Am and Why I Blog

My name is Santiago and I study philosophy and English litrachur at a small Midwestern Jesuit university. It’s been almost two years now since my friend
Andy recommended that I start a blog. For various reasons I didn’t start until this year. After a few false starts, and after a few months of posting comments on other blogs under the name "Santiago," I bring you “Constantly Risking Absurdity,” a name taken from a poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and which constitutes a sly little attempt at self-deprecating humor on my part. It's always better to risk absurdity than to risk pretension. The trick is to do the former without doing the latter.

What revived my interest in blogging was actually a small
tit-for-tat I had with these nice people over 20th century poetry. The blogs that inspired me are Basia Me Catholica Sum and Against the Grain.

What I hope to write here are sorts of “essays in embryo,” that I can pick up later and bring to term within my literary womb. I’ll mostly write about the things I’m reading at the time, and thoughts I come up with that I want to share with other people. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to my friends why I think certain things about certain things, and I think that a blog would help communicate my reasoning.

Expect stuff on whoever or whatever I am reading or studying at the time: tortured souls like Graham Greene and Aldous Huxley, wisecracks like Flannery O’Connor and GK Chesterton, Spanish poets (Lorca, Machado), Mozart’s Masses (a passion of mine), sundry philosophers, etc. Also, I will make ill-advised attempts at translating the poets of the country of my birth, Paraguay, whose poetry has been neglected in the States, compared to the work of other Latin American poets—like Neruda or Dario—who get a lot more attention. Very little politics here. Oh, and seeing that we are only a year and a few months away from
Germany ’06, expect some posts on the beautiful game.

Four paragraphs seem about enough. I hope you check back regularly.

P.S. I will get RSS eventually. Meanwhile Atom should be enough.


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The intimations of a mild-mannered Paraguayan undergraduate, studying Eng. Lit. and philosophy in a small, midwestern Jesuit college.

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