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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
B-16 Has Taste

Sandro Magister says,

"He has been this way since he was a child: 'The Catholicism of the Bavaria in which I grew up was joyful, colorful, human. I miss a sense of purism. This must be because, since my childhood, I have breathed the air of the Baroque.' ”

Well, we all have our own Cross to bear.

"He is distrustful of theologians who 'do not love art, poetry, music, nature: they can be dangerous.' He loves taking walks in the mountains. He plays the piano, and favors Mozart. His brother Georg, a priest, is the choirmaster at Ratisbonne, one of the last pockets of resistance for the great tradition of sacred polyphony and Gregorian chant. "

Ahh! Amen, amen! I have always been taught that "if you can't sing about it, it can't be true." I am glad to see our pope concurs. And Mozart!

"His was a strange conservatism, in any case. It was apt to disturb, rather than pacify, the Church. One of his favorite models is Saint Charles Borromeo, the archbishop of Milan who, after the Council of Trent, did nothing less than 'reconstruct the Catholic Church, which was almost destroyed in the area around Milan as well, without returning to the Middle Ages to do so; on the contrary, he created a modern form of the Church.' "

There must be some mistake. I've been told that our new pope has already bought the first train ticket back to the Middle Ages. Sandro is losing his touch. ... Really, these words are great.

John L. Allen writes this:

"Whatever one makes of his theological positions, Ratzinger is almost universally recognized as one of the preeminent Catholic intellectuals of his generation, a man of vast culture and refinement. He plays the piano in his spare time, and his brother Georg served as the director of the Regensburg choir. Ratzinger once said of Mozart that his music 'contains the whole tragedy of human existence.'"

He must have been referring specifically to the Requiem. Everything one can feel about love, life, death, said in that piece of music.


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