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Saturday, April 02, 2005
Hans Kung Talks Smack About Me In His Article on the Pope

In Spiegel, he writes:

"The major regional and international youth events sponsored by the new lay movements (Focolare, Comunione e Liberazione, St. Egidio, Regnum Christi) and supervised by the church hierarchy attract hundreds of thousands of young people, many of them well-meaning but far too many uncritical. In times when they lack convincing leadership figures, these young people are most impressed by a shared "event." The personal magnetism of "John Paul Superstar" is usually more important than the content of the pope's speeches, while their effects on parish life are minimal."

He's right: we are impressed by a shared Event. But it's not what he thinks...

"In keeping with his ideal of a uniform and obedient church, the pope sees the future of the church almost exclusively in these easily controlled, conservative lay movements. ..."

What does "conservative" even mean in this context? Yes, we are easily controlled & conforming automatons... I leave my brain at the door of the church, etc. Oh, come on, Hans! I personally invite you to hang out with me next weekend. We'll go to a coffeeshop, discuss the Eternal Questions, and tell each other about our hopes and fears (but please no complaining about Ratzinger--I don't care). Afterwards, you tell me whether I am easily controlled, conservative, and impressionable.

Then again, if Karol Wojtyla doesn't impress you, I doubt I would.



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