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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Matty's Ratzinger Report

"So what’s the deal? First a Polish Pope, and now this! Cardinal Ratzinger – I must say, is a remarkable person! Heck, I was in his fan club ( , own a couple of steins and mugs, and gave countless ones away as gifts! But why would this obscure Bavarian become the head of the Roman See? I want to state that, in my opinion, this German Shepherd is the perfect choice for the new present Pontiff. I see him as the legacy-holder. He holds as the most brilliant Cardinal alive, the legacy of European Catholicism, which is about to be handed over, at our own giving, to the third world Catholics of the world – where the future Popes will hail from. So I need to begin early in history--perhaps more than one century. Bear with me, as I will soon get to the point of my discussion."

I knew Matty back in the day when he worked as a youth group leader and was a guitarist for some Christian band, before he discerned his vocation to the priesthood and joined Mundelein Seminary. I am glad to see he is blogging. He has a nice post recounting the theological history of the Church in the twentieth century, with a special emphasis on B16's evolution as a thinker. Very interesting. He is very happy.


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