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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Theologians: What do they know?

From Wilco's latest album, A Ghost Is Born, the song "Theologians" brings a smile to my face:

Theologians don't know nothing
About my soul
About my soul
I'm an ocean
And this emotion
Slow motion
Slow motion

Illiterati lumen fidei
god is with us everyday
That illiterate light
Is with us every night

They don't know nothing
About my soul
Oh they don't know

Sitting weary-eyed at night over some very turgid old text, or sitting restlessly in class at school, sometimes I get the same feeling.

Of course, Wilco's poetry should not be taken literally. Dick Staub has a nice reflection on the song and on the slack that theologians have to take today.

Come to think of it, the turgid texts that make me restless these days are mostly written by literary critics or philosophers. And those books are usually not more than twenty or thirty years old.


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